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educare to educere Learner LLC
educare to educere Learner LLC

"educare to educere Learner LLC"


What is Educare to Educere (e2e)?

The foundation of e2e Learner’s values and vision brings the essence of the Latin words, educare to educere to learners of all ages.


e2e Learner values “educare” in the context of educating people with intending to produce (and to rear) the learner toward learning an empowering confidence within cultivating.


e2e Learner values “educere” in the context of leading forth the empowered learner toward maximum success and to uplift (to rise up; to erect) full, optimal realization of “what one positively becomes” through education.  (educare means to bring up, to rear, to educate, to train, and to produce.  educere means to lead forth, to raise up, and to erect.)

e2e Learner fully embraces the essence of educare to educere (e2e) as a catalyst driving the quality of education globally through our holistic pedagogic approach teaching the whole person learner.

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