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educare to educere Learner LLC
educare to educere Learner LLC

Message from the CEO & Founder

My passion for assisting students has been growing for many, many years based on my personal and professional experiences. Over the past four decades, I have sought to better society by collaborating with many colleagues in finding holistic ways to address the whole person learner regardless of age, socio-economic status, and/or culture.

One area of development that remains a constant in the molding and shaping of our society is education.   For some students and educators, the traditional pedagogy currently used in the classroom creates academic success. For many students and educators, there are challenges to achieving academic success with the education system in its current state.

Regardless of the existence and continuity of common core curriculum standards, pedagogic strategies, and developmental processes, the one primary constant in a student’s life is the independent study required after the day’s formal instruction has ceased. All students, regardless of age and year in school, have the responsibility of learning independently through studying, completing homework, and analysis of the subject (such as Bloom’s taxonomy).

My purpose for creating this Educare to Educere Learner LLC (“e2e Learner”) is to positively influence:

1) The need, value, and purpose for learning by teaching students how to learn.

2) Students to become independent learners  (How to learn on their own when classroom instruction ceases for the day?)

3) Students to become life-long learners striving to continue learning as they mature in life.

4) The development self-confidence, self-worth, and self-actualization that comes in learning.

5) Support for a pedagogic process providing students with a whole-person learning experience.

My hope is for our company to bring a meaningful understanding and experience of all knowledge taught during class instruction.  By providing learners with the resources to bring this knowledge to wisdom, we enable and empower learners of all ages to become “whole person learners.”   In collaboration with all educators, we place our passion in the hope that all learners will become fully empowered to live a purpose-driven life toward success.


Our objectives intend:

1.      To provide a greater emphasis on increasing student learning potential when you integrate the arts (Fine Arts, Creative Writing, Visual Arts, Performing Arts. etc) with core academic curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Language Arts).

2.    To increase the learner’s ability to understand, comprehend, and demonstrate course material through project-based activity and integration of the arts and common core curriculum.

3.    To provide a whole person learning experience by creating challenging project-based assignments which require the right and left hemisphere of the brain.

4.    To teach the learner how to broaden their learning experience through analytical thinking, creativity, innovation, and collaborative integration.

5.     To increase the students’ peripheral vision of possibility to include global thinking and collaboration.


The ultimate goal of e2e Learner is to increase the probability for academic success for all people desiring to learn.  As a means of social responsibility, we aim to introduce a new paradigm for thinking about the learning process.  This new thought process brings to light the importance of focusing on the complete whole being within every person (regardless of age).  This means balance of the mind (brain), heart (passion), and soul (spirit).  Our pedagogy strategies balance an individual’s brain function (in the right and left hemisphere), thus maximizing the learner’s potential for actualizing their whole person.


Tom Lopez

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