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The e2e 3-Step Learning
provides a whole-person educational experience is about teaching students to become independent learners.

e2e Real-time Learning

Step 1: Teaching & Learning

  • The student receives subject instruction from an instructor.
  • The student will receive a demonstration to learn how the subject functions.
  • The instructor will have the student demonstrate the newly learned subject material to ensure understanding.

Coaching & Reinforcement

Step 2: Coach & Reinforce

  • The instructor reviews subject material to ensure correct understanding.
  • The student validates subject retention from instruction.
  • The student demonstrates their subject retention.
  • The instructor coaches the student about independent learning techniques.
  • The student’s subject understanding is validated.

 Performance & Understanding

Step 3: Performance

  • The student demonstrates their proficiency in understanding the subject matter through performance.
  • Students understand the connection between understanding and performing.

Performance and understanding provides the student with an opportunity to fully master  course material and develop a greater sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.

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