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e2e after school arts enrichment

Music percussion - improv theater - visual arts

studio 3 art Camps

Video Expression

Students learn the art of film and its techniques by learning how to collaborate in groups through the creative short film process. This included brain storming ideas, script writing, location scouting, camera operating, acting, and editing.

Music expression

Students learned how to collaborate together to play their instruments to familiar popular music. Through team work activities they were able to practice and perform the music they learned.

Visual arts: Body Expression

Students learn how to exhibit different dance styles and techniques. With patience and persistance students were able to showcase several dance routines that helped them develop team work. 

improv Theater - Creative Expression

Students work in teams to become familiar with characterization and improvisation. Through group activities students learn how to support their fellow peers and reinforce self-confidence within themselves. 

Cultural art - Capoeira Angola

Students learn a combination of indigenous music and dance from Brazi which allowed them to experience the differences of another culture and its unique activities. 

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