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Studio 3 art Camp Courses

iMusic Creation

This course designed to teach the fundamentals of composing music using the Digital Audio Workstation(DAW), GarageBand for iPad. Students will learn how to use each musical inputting interface available within the App, how to edit recorded tracks, and how to mix audio tracks. In addition, students will learn about the fundamentals of music including chord types, chord progressions, phrases, note names and a variety of instrument types. The final project will involve recording a multi-track composition.

Color Expressions (Painting, Drawing, & Canvas)

Students will be introduced to the visual arts through aesthetics, critique, history, and by creating art using various mediums. This is a basic course in drawing, painting and composition to develop a student’s ability to perceive and define shape, mass, contour, volume, space and light, using a variety of media and subject matter. This includes a critical examination of paintings for technical and aesthetic concerns, content, and historical/cultural influences.

Beats & Rhythms (Music Percussion)

This course is designed to develop the natural sense of rhythm in all people.  Students will rehearse and perform with others.  Students will work on music to be performed in small and large groups, as well as music to be performed as a percussion class ensemble.  Students will also be required to prepare short solos on the various percussion instruments (better known as pass-offs).  From snare drums to xylophones and marimbas, from timpani to congas and bongos, this class introduces students to the limitless possibilities of percussion in a fun group setting.

Improv Theater

This beginning level performance class is an introduction to stage and camera acting. This class provides a beginning in text memorization, stage movement, vocal production and interpretation of text. The practice and study of the fundamental techniques required in acting before the camera in film and television in contrast to the variance from stage work. Characterizations, Improvisation, Monologues, two-person acting scenes along with group presentations are the main projects of the course. 

Ukulele: Learn to play a Musical Instrument

Students will learn to the play the ukulele. Students will learn the inside-outs of playing Hawaii’s famed instrument. Basic chords and their application in folk, rock and in Hawaiian styles will be emphasized. Also covered will be a history of Hawaiian music and development of the ukulele. The ukulele, born in Hawaii in 1879, is currently in its third wave of worldwide popularity. It's a charming, friendly instrument and ultimately easy to play. This course is appropriate for absolute beginners trying to learn how to play ukulele, guitar players who wish to migrate to the ukulele, and accomplished ukulele players looking for new challenges.

Visual Expression (Using Video for Storytelling)

This summer enrichment program introduces students to the techniques, language, and process of storytelling through video.  Students will the art of fundamental filmmaking using video.  This includes camera shots, story development, storyboarding,, and screenwriting. Students will make short video to premiere the last day of camp.

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