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educare to educere Learner LLC
educare to educere Learner LLC

the "e2e learner experience"

The “e2e Learner Experience”

Students develop self-confidence and critical thinking skills while fostering creative expression and collaboration in a fun environment with an engaging combination of lecture, hands-on exercises, small group activities, writing and discussion.




The “e2e Learner Experience” is structured to enable and empower ALL learners:

1) To gain an understanding of the value and purpose of education by teaching

    students “how to learn.”

2) To be inspired to become independent learners  (How to learn on their own?)

3) To be inspired to become lifetime learners in all things and strive to continue

    learning as they mature in life.

4) To experience “educare to educere” in ALL life experiences

5) A holistic acquisition of a positive self-confidence, self-worth, and self

    actualization available within the e2e learning experience

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